A Parameterization of
Snow-Rain Transition

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bullet.gif (1K) Microwave Radiative Transfer Modeling of Cloud and Precipitation
  • Download MWRT - A microwave radiative transfer model.
  • Single scattering properties of nonspherical ice and snow particles. Download  SCATDB
  • Subpixel variability of rainrates and its implication to beam-filling problem
bullet.gif (1K) Satellite Precipitation Retrieval
  • Snowfall retrieval from high-frequency microwave. Download a rain-snow separation parameterization.
  • Global Precipitation - GPM
  • Snow Clouds Database from CloudSat and A-Train Satellites
bullet.gif (1K) Satellite Remote Sensing of Cloud Water and Cloud Droplets Size
  • Understanding aerosols' indirect radiative effect - INDOEX
  • Large scale distribution of cloud ice water path - radiative effect and model validation - DOE/ARM 

bullet.gif (1K) Study Weather Using Satellite Remote Sensing
  • Hurricanes - Water distribution and budget during their life cycle - TCSP. 
  • Tropical Convections - CPEX. 



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 Dr. Liu's Teaching Interests

bullet.gif (1K) MET4400C - Meteorological Instrumentation and Observations
  • Watch a Movie about a Project Conducted in the Class
    bullet.gif (1K) MET5471 - Satellite Remote Sensing of Planetary Atmospheres
    bullet.gif (1K) MET4420 - Atmospheric Physics I (Thermodynamics)
    bullet.gif (1K) MET4450 - Atmospheric Physics II (Radiation)

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      Dr. Guosheng Liu
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